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"We'll help expand your customers' financing options start smarter, grow faster, go farther"

ProgramsWith our highly evolved programs, customers can get the equipment they need simply and quickly.   And each one of our programs can be structured to fit any business need.

Express® Lease is…

- Credit from 2,000 to 75,000

- Timely credit decisions

- Competitive rates

- Flexible lease terms,payment plans and end-of-lease options

Commercial Lease allows…

- Credit from 50,000 to 1,500,000

- Flexibility in submission and funding

- Competitive pricing

- Prompt, professional service


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Leasing overcomes obstacles that might possibly cause a sale to go sideways. It also sidesteps potential problems such as: hefty down payments, monthly financing costs and shrinking credit lines.    In the end it all adds up to extra selling power.

For you:

- Increases your sales by making the equipment more affordable for your customer.

- You can get paid faster for the equipment than with other financing methods.

- Helps you hold your profit margins because you are selling payment rather than price.

- Faster credit approval for your customer

- Improves your rate of repeat business by allowing your customers to upgrade to new equipment or add onto existing models

For your customer:   

- Provides a predictable , fixed payment plan while satisfying all equipment needs.

- Keeps lines of credit free for other uses.

- Allows you to acquire equipment of higher quality and in bigger volumes, since leasing translates into less up-front cash and low monthly payments.

- Provides a hedge against technological obsolescence.      

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ServicesLeasing preserves borrowing power (and spending power) for any opportunity.  Our programs and end-of-lease options will guarantee that our lease works as hard as possible for you and your customer.

Our dedicated team of customer service representatives are here for the life of the lease. They are trained to answer every question and need quickly and comprehensively.

Over the years we’ve helped companies of every size use our services to capitalize on a vast range of business opportunities.  We hope to do the same for you.